This is a story of how one man's initiative can impact the lives of over a million. Following in the legacy of his father, Dr Goverdhan Rathore has created a virtual oasis in one of the poorest districts of India, where 80% of its population resides in villages. The facilities and care at Sevika hospital can compare with some of the finest healthcare facilities in major towns of our Country, and yet here is a region whose own survival is dependent on the survival of an endangered species - the Tiger.

Sevika Hospital, Ranthambore

Enabling lives for over a million people

Dhaka Devi : Patient Case Study
Hemiarthroplasty, or cemented bipolar arthroplasty

Ramghani : Patient Case Study
Neuromuscular paralysis as a result of being bitten by the common Krait

Karan: Patient Case Study
70% body burns due to electrocution

Rajasthan : Regional Case Study
Cataract, Pterygium, Corneal degeneration as a result of hot and dry weather.